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50% Off Either Zoom! Teeth Whitening of Kor Teeth Whitening

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50% off Teeth Whitening for New Patients

For New Patients Only. You will receive 50% discount on either Zoom! Teeth Whitening or Kor Teeth Whitening.

Cannot be combined with any other offers.

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Dr. Alex Park and Dr. Christine Hong are your friendly Bellevue dentist at Bellevue Park Dental serving Bellevue, Factoria, and Kirkland, WA. They provides dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, white fillings, dentures and more. The contents of this website, such as text, videos, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Please contact our Bellevue dentist, Dr. Alex Park and Dr. Christine Hong for any additional information on implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals, and more. For questions, please call (425) 373-1605.